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Why a Mindfulness + Wellness Coach?  Well, to put it lightly, life is no less than complete insanity at any given moment. As our schedules become busier, our minds become more cluttered, our energy gets diluted and our self-esteem gets annihilated as we feel like we're sucking at EVERYTHING. 

Though I'd LOVE to magically get rid of all of the crap that's stressing you out so you can be that YOU, you know you are...or at least were at one time (you're still in there, I promise), I'm not THAT Gangster. 


I can, however, show you how to be the Gangster of your OWN mind, so when LIFE happens, you respond and react in ways that are healthy and productive instead of fearful and destructive.

My sessions include a Holistic Approach to boosting the health and vitality of your brain, body and soul, naturally.  We've all heard about the benefits of mindfulness and meditating and self-care and so on, but there's so much information out there, it can become OVeRwheLMING.  And what do we tend to do when we get overwhelmed?  Nothing.  We don't do a darn thing because we shut down.

Well, guess what?  I'm here to take the mystery and confusion out of the process!  I know this stuff!  And I want you to know it, too!  It doesn't have to be hard.  AND it works for YOU.  I personalize your sessions based on different aspects of your personality; including how your brain processes information, how you view the world, your learning style, what stimulates you versus drains you, and more.  Making your experience personal will allow any newly-acquired Mindfulness skills to ENHANCE your life so you're thriving instead of merely surviving.  


You deserve an awesome life! Check out what my clients have to say!

Warm Vibes,

Stacey Turis

Client Testimonials


I contacted Stacey to help me with my anxiety/stress issues. Our session was awesome! She was able to help me with refocus my energy and taught me different techniques to help with my anxiety. It was very relaxing and fun. Definitely recommend Stacey!

-Francis, Long Beach, CA

I reached out to Stacey because I had heard about the great results of her customized services. I had insomnia for 2 years and after just 2 meetings with Stacey and using her brain techniques I still sleep well every night since. It's been 6 months. Thanks Stacey!!! You're an amazing gift.

-Shawnna, Long Beach, CA

I wanted to give back to my wonderful team of teachers with a morning of mindfulness. Stacey not only gave us ways to organize our thoughts but ways to get through the start of the school year with more peace. I hear her words of wisdom daily and enjoy that as a team the teachers are more positive, supportive  and reflective with each other.

-Nina, Director of LSH Reggio Inspired Schools, Long Beach, CA 

Stacey will first fill you with joy and then help you organize your life and become more mindful, without it feeling like work. She's an amazing person and coach!  Plan on belly laughing often.  Also plan on feeling less anxiety and more self control.

-Donya, Wichita, KS

Spending time with Stacey was amazing. I had an individual session with her on the beach in Laguna Beach. Her attention to my needs and willingness to change on the fly were both heartwarming and appreciated. I had started my journey to mindfulness prior to me meeting Stacey. She was able to confirm that I am on the right track, that I have made a lot of progress, and provided me with tons of additional exercises I can carry out on my own as I continue my mindfulness journey. Stacey thanks for your commitment to me, your coaching, and bonding with me. If I visit again, I will make sure to call in.

-Graciella, Ft. Collins, CO

EVERYTHING YOU'D EXPECT AND MORE! Our Life Changing Experience with Stacey Turis!  My son and I will forever be better people after our session with Stacey Turis. She taught us breathing techniques- partner yoga- and a few brain-wave changing tricks, that we are using daily. Stacey is able to explain the Why? and then How. Cleansing our Chakra Energy and clearing of negativity was one of the high points of our session.The main Beach at Laguna is so beautiful and Stacey has the perfect spot for a wonderful experience. We are Super Fans! and hope to make this world more kind and refreshing with our new meditation skills and keeping our energy open and healing! Thank you Stacey! We're still feeling the warm vibes! Now and Forever! Blessing to you!

-Becky, Lees Summit, MO

Stacey is well-read and researched on mindfulness, neurodiversity, chakra healing, Ayurvedic medicine, and yoga and was able to combine all of those for a fantastic, mindfulness experience. She’s very attuned to the members of her group and makes it individualized. I would highly recommend this experience. Thanks Stacey!

-Hilarie, Herriman, UT

I highly recommend Stacey's Mind +Body + Beach experience. I went to this with an open mind to help try to find my balance in life and to find myself. The atmosphere was perfect on the beach in Laguna, and Stacey couldn't have been a more fun and easy going person making the experience that much more positive. Learning about and cleansing Chakra and clearing of negativity was one of the main points that I wanted to take from this session as well as learning how to properly breath, and to meditate to clear my mind. I wouldn't hesitate to book with Stacey again and have nothing but good things to say. I highly recommend.

-Nick, Brown Deer, WI

Just simply awesome! Stacey and the experience was exception, beyond what I thought the experience would be. Such a beautiful location, and a great way to start your day.

-Daniel, Los Angeles, CA

I have only good things to say about this experience with Stacey. She is incredibly kind, positive, smart and funny. She made me 100% relaxed and able to be in the moment with her. The location was perfect for this experience! You must meet Stacey and you will leave feeling lighter, balanced and with more peace. Thank you Stacey! Keep making a positive difference in the world!

-Jodi, Fresno, CA

Wow, this was waaay better than expected. Stacey went above and beyond what we could expect, it was truly a magical experience in a magical spot on the shore of Laguna beach. Thank you Stacey!

-Viktor, Budapest, Hungary

One of the best experiences I've had in a long time! Put me on a new path to trust myself and take better care of my mind and body. Hope to do this again on my next trip to CA!

-Nanci, Denver, CO

Loved my time spent with Stacey! I learned so much from her coaching. I highly recommend her as a guide to the multiple mindfulness and wellness practices she's combined seamlessly in this session. You'll leave with new insights, ideas and resources for leading a more balanced life...and a new friend.

-Donna, Portola Valley, CA

Had a wonderful experience learning about mindfulness and meditation with Stacey. Stacey is passionate, knowledgeable, and radiate lots of positive energy. I learned a simple meditation technique that I'm gonna be using to start my day. The location is also perfect as it is quiet and secluded beach area.

-Peter, Los Angeles, CA

Once in a lifetime experience combining reiki, meditation, and authentic human connection. Stacey is an expert at her craft.

-Lyndy, Los Angeles, CA

Stacey was so welcoming and knowledgeable and provided just the right level of enthusiasm and calm. It was such a great experience and she really made it special and fun for us.

-Gloria, Kirkland, WA

It was a nice experience meditating on the beach. Stacey provided some cool insights into rhythmic breathing!!

-Sanjay, Ft. Worth, TX

It was a wonderful experience with Stacey! Highly recommend!!!

-Angela, Los Angeles, CA

Stacey was a gift! A warm, loving, experience.

-Theresa, Beaufort, SC

This was the best way to start the day. I absolutely loved our time together. I feel rejuvenated. Thank you Stacey!!!

-Maria, Walnut Creek, CA

Stacey brings incredible passion, energy and knowledge invoking a very unique and healing experience. It was wonderful being on the beach, breathing in the sea air and finding tranquility in an otherwise hectic world.

-Jan, Coppell, TX

Stacey has a lovely warm energy that’s makes you feel immediately comfortable and at ease. It felt like a really individual experience that I left feeling renewed and energised. Thoroughly recommend the experience.

-Julie-Ann, Poole, UK

A morning I won't forget; learning about breathing and chakra on beautiful Main Beach in Laguna Beach! Stacey was full of knowledge and didn’t stress to listen and teach me on the level I was on. Thank you so much!

-Maria, Skurup, Sweden

Stacey really helped me think some things through with my business and life that propelled both forward in a way I was having trouble doing on my own. She brings a high level of knowledge combined with a positive outlook and energy that really made the session valuable to me.

-Barney, Dallas, TX

By far the best experience I’ve ever had! Stacey made me feel special. She’s truly an expert in what she does and I would recommend session with her to anyone. I feel so relaxed and there’s so much positive energy flowing through my body.

-Natalie, Denver, CO

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