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PlayDHD Episode 1

Introduction to PlayDHD

Stacey Turis and Kirsten Milliken introduce themselves and their passion for play. PlayDHD is the leading resource online for entertainment and self-help content focused on Play and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The show's content is designed to bring awareness to our audience about the importance and impact of play, particularly for those diagnosed with ADHD or living with someone who has ADHD, and ideas on how to play throughout their days.

PlayDHD Episode 2

Michael Savageau

Michael Savageau loves to play. He loves' to engage others in play. In this show PlayDHD hosts, Kirsten and Stacey, interview Michael about his first love, "Play." Michael has built a life around his love of play that is active, creative, expressive and cooperative. Play that encourages and affirms a person's "sense of being awesome." To paraphrase, "When people stop thinking so hard and truly play they can feel like they are Jedi Superheroes." He seeks to inspire and activate a lifelong spirit of playfulness and believes that play can change the world.

PlayDHD Episode 5

Randy Judkins

PlayDHD TV hosts, Kirsten Milliken and Stacey Turis, talk with "Player" Randy Judkins about the numerous ways that play can be incorporated into teaching topics to kids and adults. As a huge proponent and practitioner of play, Randy uses fun to teach anything from juggling, to antibullying curriculum, to leadership and team building. Randy was once the trainer for the Ringling Brother's and Barnum Bailey Clown College, among other fascinating jobs. He has a lot to say about play!

PlayDHD Episode 6

Aaron Weintraub

Kirsten Milliken and Stacey Turis of PlayDHD interview Aaron Weintraub, Director of Kids Cooperate. Kids Cooperate provides Social Sensory Cognitive Processing services for kids who may have ADHD or autism spectrum disorders. Aaron believes, "Anything you want to teach can occur in the context of play."

PlayDHD Episode 7

Elaine Taylor-Klaus

As an ADHD parent of ADHD kids, living in the 21st century, Elaine Taylor-Klaus knows that there are times when playing with the kids is the least appealing activity a parent can think of doing. We work long days, take work home, have to keep house, make dinner, do carpool.... Is making yourself play with your kids necessary? For how long? Do you have to play with Barbies? Calgon Take Me Away!

When you learn what "play" really is and know your play personalities you might discover a whole new mindset for how to play with your kids. Elaine Taylor-Klause of ImpactADHD talks with the PlayDHD hosts about what Play Personalities are and how to use them to shape how we play with our kids - or how we help our kids play on their own!

PlayDHD Episode 8

Bernie DeKoven, Author - The Well Played Game

Bernie DeKoven is the King of Play. "Play is for Fun!" Bernie originally wrote the book The Well Played Game in 1978. At that time it changed the focus of games in physical education from one of competition and victory, to inclusion, synchrony, fun, and cooperation. In 2013 The Well Played Game will be re­released, in part at the urging of many in the field of games and technology. Join PlayDHD hosts, Dr. Kirsten Milliken and Stacey Turis, in their conversation with Bernie about The Well Played Game and "just having fun".

PlayDHD Episode 9

WonderWorks Playcation

Intentionally Having fun during leisure time. In January Stacey and I went to myrtle beach with no plan but an intention to have fun. This is easy when we are together. The first few days we had interviews on Google Hangout. Lined up with several people. We soon learned that no place in South Carolina had Internet that was reliable. We recorded one interview, rescheduled two of them, and had to put two on hold to reschedule becaue the Internet connection kept cutting us off. We tried the resort, restaurants, coffee shops, and using a hot spot on our phones. We had fun no matter where we were, but it was frustrating. .....what resulted was our ultimate Play-cation at Wonderworks in Myrtle the fun we had!

PlayDHD Episode 11

Peter Freer

What if improving your attention really was a game? Years ago NASA developed technology that took the concept of games and developed a type of neurofeedback system to let the player's attention and focus control the game. Being an educator, Peter Freer picked up where NASA left off and created the PlayAttention system. Designed for kids and adults, the games help the "player" develop focus, perseverence, memory, task initiation, and self-management skills. Play Attention also addresses all of these areas in a manner to insure that the player will be able to transfer and generalize these abilities into all areas of life thereby improving his/her productivity at school/work and home.

Johnny....time to go play your video games!

PlayDHD Episode 13

Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky knows about ADHD and she knows about changing interests. When asked if she would come have some fun with us on PlayDHD, Jennifer was excited to talk about embracing her varied and changing interests.

She writes to us, "I have a reputation in my house for frequently changing hobbies. I find a hobby or an interest and I completely immerse myself in it for a few months and absolutely love whatever it is and have tons of fun with it... and then I get bored. And drop the hobby all together. (And my partner gets a little pissed about the money I've spent on said dropped hobby. Haha.)"

Of course we relate to the fun in having new hobbies as well as the frustration our partners sometimes have when we lose interest.

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