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Seal Beach, CA - Virtual or In-Person Private + Group Sessions

Mindfulness Coach + Breathwork Coach + Pranic Healer

Sunset SUP Couple

Why a Mindfulness + Breathwork Coach?  Well, to put it lightly, life is no less than complete chaos at any given moment. As our schedules become busier, our minds become more cluttered, our energy gets diluted and our self-esteem gets annihilated as we feel like we're sucking at EVERYTHING. 

Though I'd LOVE to magically get rid of all of the crap that's stressing you out so you can be that YOU, you know you are...or at least were at one time (you're still in there, I promise), I'm not THAT Gangster. 


I can, however, show you how to be the Gangster of your OWN mind, body + spirit, so when LIFE happens, you respond and react in ways that are healthy and productive instead of fearful and destructive.

My sessions include a Holistic Approach to boosting the health and vitality of your brain, body and soul, naturally. We've all heard about the benefits of mindfulness and meditating and self-care and so on, but there's so much information out there, it can become OVeRwheLMING. And what do we tend to do when we get overwhelmed? Nothing. We don't do a darn thing because we shut down.

Well, guess what?  I'm here to take the mystery and confusion out of the process! I know this stuff! And I want you to know it, too! It doesn't have to be hard AND it works for YOU. I personalize your sessions based on different aspects of your personality; including how your brain processes information, how you view the world, your learning style, what stimulates you versus drains you, and more. Making your experience personal will allow any newly-acquired Mindfulness skills to ENHANCE your life so you're thriving instead of merely surviving.  


You deserve an awesome life! Check out the sessions in the Brain Gangster Studio to help you get started.

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