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Welcome to Brain Gangster

Stacey Turis - Mindful Athlete + Lifestyle Coach


As 'Bad-A' as being a BRAIN GANGSTER sounds, let's leave our brass knuckles at home, toughy -  it's really a practice of bringing more calm, focus, discipline + happiness into your life using Mindful Lifestyle Techniques - techniques to boost brain cognition + health, naturally, so you can be your best YOU no matter what life is throwing your way, even if it's a ball (check out my research-based, Mindful Athletic Performance Enhancement program)!


Here at Brain Gangster, we lovingly refer to our brains as 'thugs' - because they have a tendency to do what they fancy, when they fancy it.  We're here to show you that YOU are the OG in this neighborhood.  From Best-Selling Author, Stacey Turis, comes the natural and no B.S. way of keeping 'thug' brains from running your 'hood', which manifests in the form of distraction, poor performance, anxiety, depression, addiction, insomnia, poor personal relationships, weight issues and other crap that gets in the way of happy living.

BrainGangster.Com is your one stop brain shop for making positive changes to your life.  Try a Coaching Session today! 

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