MINDful Lifestyle Coaching FAQs

What is the Brain Gangster, Brain, Body + Soul Program?

From Best-Selling Author Stacey Turis - The Brain Gangster, 'Brain, Body + Soul' Program is designed to educate clients on MINDful Lifestyle Techniques used to naturally boost brain health. 

Some information we'll be covering (and actively participating in) in the sessions includes;

Meditation + Breath Work - The Why's and How's? Learn to control depression, anxiety and overwhelm with these simple techniques.  YES, you CAN meditate.  I've met a ton of people that promised me they 'just can't meditate' and they've all broken their promises.  I've never come across ONE person that truly can't meditate, so don't act like you're the chosen one. 

Life Balance - Learn to recognize how YOU personally balance, when you are out of balance and what steps you can take to counter-balance. 

Design Your Environment - Learn techniques to modify your space to create instant serenity, energy or creativity; depending on your mood.


Jack Your Brain - Discover mind hacks to trick your brain into Productivity. 


Brain Food - Learn how to use foods as brain fuel for maximum BRAIN GANGSTER efficiency.


Yoga - The Why's, How's and Ahhhs.  Learn Yoga postures to combat anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.

Self-Knowledge - Understand the different components of your personality and how they affect your perception and reactions to your environment.

Visual Organization - Learn how to take all of those wacky thoughts that are bouncing around in your head and structure them visually and tangibly in a way that does not require organization, prioritization or focus. 

Check out the different Brain Gangster, MINDful Lifestyle Coaching sessions available!


We will work together in the privacy of your home (or a location of your choosing).  ​


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