Mindfulness in Schools


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Mindfulness training is a vital tool in today’s overstimulating, electronic environment. 


As a Mindful Coach and the mom of two teenagers, I see where we, as a society are lacking in basic mental support for our kids. They are facing challenges that our generation couldn’t fathom growing up.  Anxiety, depression and suicide are rising at alarming rates. Pressure is mounting from stress over grades, social media’s warped presentations, and the expectations of peers and parents; all while these kids are trying to figure out who they are as people, and if they can even feel safe being who they feel they are.  


It’s a lot to deal with and they desperately need these skills, not only to cope with school, but life far beyond graduation into jobs, relationships and thriving in life as opposed to feeling like they are merely surviving.

Mindfulness is something that should be taught in school, but we all know that school budgets are shrinking every year, so finding sponsors in our amazing community to fund a Mindfulness in Schools Program is incredibly important.

What Does the School Receive?

The school receives four (4) one-hour Guided Mindfulness Sessions (unlimited students/teachers/staff per session) to be used as needed; including but not limited to as an addition to a class curriculum, as an after-school club, in a general assembly, etc.

Participating students will also receive supporting material and digital files to promote at-home practice.

What Does the Sponsor Receive?

Sponsors will get Logo Placement on their sponsored school's supporting material to be passed out to participants, distribution of Sponsor's coupon or offer to participants, a Sponsorship Certificate to proudly display in their business, and a shout-out on the 'Sponsor Page' of BrainGangster.Com.

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