Track 1 - Mood Elevator Gamma - This session uses a stimulating gamma protocol to raise mood, energize + motivate the listener.

Track 2 - Mood Support for Persistent Depression - This session helps to corrects a hemispheric asymmetry that is common in depressed individuals. Persistently depressed people tend to have an overactive right (emotional) hemisphere. This session therefore reduces activity in the right brain hemisphere, while increasing activity in the left, giving more control over to the left (logical) brain and reducing irrational and overly emotional thought patterns.

Track 3 - Mood Support for SAD - Depression is often grouped into a category called "slow-wave" disorders. Depressed individuals tend to have an overabundance of slow wave activity, such as Theta, particularly those with Seasonal Affective Disorder. This session attempts to correct this by speeding up your brainwaves, reducing slow wave activity and increasing blood flow in the brain.

(album) Brain Gangster Beats for Boosting Your Mood

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