The Brain Gangster Market

No shoes, no shirt?  Come on in!

ADHD Phone/Video Consultation

Are you trying to live your best life with ADHD?  It's possible, I promise!  Though I'm not a Doctor or a Therapist, I'm a Mindful Lifestyle Coach, I have a best-selling book and tons of street cred on the subject of ADHD!  Schedule your 30 minute phone or video call and we'll talk about ways to get you back to the best version of YOU.

Mindful Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

My Brain Gangster, 'Brain, Body + Soul' Program is a Holistic Approach to boosting the health and vitality of your brain, body and soul, naturally.  We've all heard about the benefits of clean eating and meditating and Yoga and so on, but there's so much information out there, it can become OVeRwheLMING.  And what do we tend to do when we get overwhelmed?  Nothing.  We don't do a damn thing because we shut down.

Mindful Athlete Performance Sessions

The Mindful Athletic Performance Enhancement (MAPE) training program is a cutting-edge mental training program designed for athletes and coaches.  MAPE is a 6-Week program (one session per week, 90 minutes per session) group or individual-based program that contains educational, discussion, and experiential components, as well as recommendations for daily home practice.  The training is easily adapted to accommodate any sport, level of athletic competition from amateur to professional, athletes to coaches.

Brain Gangster Beats is a natural + super-cool way to tweak your brain!   Just listening to Brain Gangster Beats using headphones or earbuds can actually change your brain wave activity, which is directly connected to your state of mind, using brainwave entrainment  - the process of externally presenting  frequencies to the brain, allowing it to synchronize to those frequencies.

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