My life finally made sense at 33 years old. I had just been diagnosed with ADHD and I was at that awkward newly-diagnosed phase where I was devastated for what my life had been and excited for what it was about to become. I came across Dr. Hallowell and suddenly I was pushed into that new life. The one where I actually learned to love myself. It was then that I knew I was going to dedicate my life to making damn sure that others would learn to love themselves as well. - Stacey

Dr. Ned Hallowell - "I often compare the ADD mind to Niagara Falls, both wonders of gargantuan movement and energy. The trick to making use of the energy in Niagara Falls, and to doing well in life with ADD, is building a hydroelectric plant. You need to hook the energy up to some contraption that can turn it into a useful product.

Whoever makes your diagnosis could say to you what might have been said to someone who lived next to Niagara Falls all her life but never understood how to deal best with a wate