Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities or Supersensitivities - a.k.a. my sock seam is killin' me!

If you have AD(H)D or are gifted, chances are you deal with excitabilities every day. I deal with it when I have to ask complete strangers to turn off fans, or when I have to run through the seafood section at Whole Foods like a maniac so I don’t instantly puke from the smell. How about that time I was watching a little dance group perform in a Toys R Us, and I cried because ANYTIME I see someone doing something with passion, I cry. I LOVE this about our kind. Sure, it sounds kind of wacky, but once you see it on paper, it doesn’t look so weird, so read the following article. This list applies to kids and adults; ADHD, Gifted, Aspergers and Autism. P.S. Seeing myself dance makes me want to cry for entirely different reasons. -ST