Do you get insta-pissed?

I’ve been known once or twice or a thousand times to lose my cool. I call it getting insta-pissed, and when it happens, it’s not pretty. Bouts of rage are common in 85% of people with AD(H)D. There is so much pressure built up, there is no way for it to go but out/up/all over the walls. It feels good to release it, but nine times out of ten, I feel like an asshole later. Here are some good tips for keeping your cool when you feel the insta-pissed coming on… - Stacey

By Jean Rothman - Anyone would get upset if the airline lost a piece of luggage, the traffic jam hasn’t moved in an hour, or a big project took a nosedive at work. But for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, stressful situations like these can seem even more disturbing.

What starts out as feeling a little annoyed can rapidly turn into frustration, which can quickly become full-blown anger. Given these intense emotions, it’s easy to see why an adult with ADHD might escalate a given situation by being rude, making a scene, or shouting. A little stress management can go a long way.