Brain Gangster Podcast - Episode 11

Meditation + Wellness Expert, Stacey Turis + Money Maestro, Carrie Tredway host the Brain Gangster Podcast every other week where they discuss Mindful Lifestyle techniques on topics such as sex, food, fitness, life, finances, health, love + soul.

On Episode 11 of the Brain Gangster Podcast, 10 Ways We Sabotage Our Happiness, successful Entrepreneur and Founder of Product Labs in Los Angeles, Daniel Harman, joins Stacey + Carrie to talk about ways we might be resisting our own happiness, and how to maneuver around the barriers to successfully thrive as opposed to merely survive this interesting little adventure we call life.

Daniel Harman is best known for escaping the corporate world of finance and surviving the hedonistic ways of London living, growing up. In pursuit of a successful career and financial freedom, Daniel’s passion is helping other startups succeed through providing expert product management and design services through his LA based agency, Product Labs.

To learn more about Daniel and his company, visit or check out his social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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