Mindfulness and Our Furry Friends

I am in awe of the perfection of nature and our earth and world, and like to watch the dance of the changing of seasons. Though you can watch it from anywhere, there is no place more magical than being in nature with nature. You slow down, you become more mindful and you catch glimpses of things that Mrs. Jones driving to the mall while texting, will probably never see.

We have some trails by our house that are beautiful with a serene creek running through and beaches for Stormi (my constant companion) to swim (did I say swim? I meant wade) and jump around and well, just to act like a dog.

Storm and I decided to get out of the house and tackle the trails. Keep in mind, she is still a good 10 lbs. overweight from a leg injury. Actually, I have come to worry more about her weight than my own. Seriously! It’s kind of cool because when you are doing something for someone else, it is easier to make it a priority than if it’s something for yourself…as wrong as that is. I know I need to get that 10 lbs. off of her so she ca