Non-Linearity of Thought

Right to roam: our minds' ability to wander is what allows us to forge creative links. © Martin O'Neil

Do YOU have a NON-LINEAR mind?

For centuries, a relatively small portion of society has been made up of a number of people that often don’t seem to “fit in” with those around them. They seem to march to a different drummer; while the rest of the world is moving in 2/2 or 4/4 time, those who think non-linearly are running a Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich drum solo! The highly creative, highly distractible mind that craves activity and stimulation, even to the point of being driven to these things by forces unknown and irresistible, also invites ridicule and criticism, or even envy. In fact, some people may even display fear or hatred for those who do not think as they do, who do not seem to fit into the convenient mold that such people invent for themselves, and expect others to fit into.

No, for the non-linear minded individual, it’s not enough to graduate high school, maybe even getti